Unlock the universe of fluent communication
soft skills
We learn together, share experiences, achieve English fluency and ramp up our communication skills
team work
Through communication
we help each other:
Feel confident about speaking English
Step out of your comfort zone within a supportive community
Adapt to new places abroad
Feel comfortable in a new country, accelerate your English skills
Work in teams and find a common language with different people
social circle
Connect with like-minded people, make friendships, and learn together
Level up
Prepare for interviews and develop skills for workplace

We have 2 different types of meetings

Spica Projects
Working in a group we focus on one mission and learn from each other. We inspire collaborative learning.
Spica Club
Here we gather to talk about topics that you want. Like sitting around a campfire late at night.
Spica Projects
A unique way to improve your soft and professional skills. Working in groups and guided by our mentors and experts, participants focus on one mission and learn from each other.
After registration you can suggest your own topic or join an already planned project.
Уou suggest a topic
Learn to give feedback at work, update your linkedIn page, develop personal branding strategy, learn storytelling, writing emails, journaling, and any other topic that you’re interest in.
Projects are launched from 5 people
If you want to take part in the project, you need to click the "Join" button in the "New projects" section.
The mentor prepares a presentation for each meeting
When the group is recruited, the teacher prepares materials for each topic and each question, adjusting to the group’s requests.
  • 5 - 12 people
    Working in a team allows you to develop soft skills like being an active listener and express your opinion.
  • From B1+ level
    In order for us to be able to focus on the topic, the participants of the project should be at approximately the same conversational level. But stay tuned, other levels will open soon.
  • 4-6 meetings in the project
    To understand the topic you are interested in as much as possible and gain skills that will help you in real life. Close to real life situations at work, university or any other community.
  • Feedback and support from mentors
    You rule your project, but like in club meetings a mentor is side by side to guide you through the process (needs identification, work plan, reminders etc.). All our mentors are experienced English teachers that will provide you with some language feedback and personalised, recommendations.
Spica Club
If you are not sure about participating in projects or your language level, come to Spica Club and join our engaging online gatherings where you can share your thoughts and discuss topics tailored to your interests.
  • Interesting discussion and functional language
    Our discussions are casual and relaxed, like chatting about current events over coffee with friends.
  • Personalized feedback for every participant
    Get insights about your progress for a more efficient learning experience. Each session makes an experience that allows participants to improve their communication skills, polish grammar and acquire vocabulary effortlessly.
  • Unique methodology
    The club is run by professional educators with international experience. Our unique methodology and learner-centred approach make learning effortless and fun. Learning with us enables faster progress.
  • It's easy to start!
    3 different topics per week. Up to 16 people per meeting. Choose which theme you like, join us and start practice.
Our schedule
The meetings time is indicated according to Paris time.
Our prices
After registration, you can sign up for any club or project meeting. Each meeting is charged separately. After payment, you will receive links to participate in the meeting.

If you are afraid or not sure that you are ready, in your personal account you can schedule an introductory personal meeting with a mentor to test your level, understand where to go and get feedback on your speech.
Spica Club
15 €
1 meeting 50 min.
Spica Projects
20 €
1 meeting 60 min.
Intro meeting
8 €
1 meeting 30 min.
Spica reviews
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