We learn together, share experiences, achieve English fluency and ramp up our communication skills
Unlock the universe of fluent communication
soft skills
team work

2 types of experiences

Engage in team-based missions that inspire collaborative learning and mutual growth
We come together to practice speaking skills and discuss topics you choose, much like a friendly campfire chat
Through communication
we help each other:
Feel confident about speaking English
Enhance your English skills, empowered by our supportive community
Adapt to new places abroad
Feel comfortable in a new country, accelerate your English skills
Work better
in teams
Develop your ability to work well with different people
Make new Connections
Meet professionals like you and create lasting friendships
Level up
Enhance your skills for improved business performance
Spica Challenges
In teams, guided by our mentors and experts, you'll focus on a shared mission, enhance your English fluency, and elevate your soft and professional skills
Propose your own or join existing challenge.
Choose or suggest a challenge
Select from a wide range of topics, such as public speaking, giving feedback at work, updating your LinkedIn page, developing a personal branding strategy, storytelling, writing emails, and more.
Join a challenge

Challenges are initiated with a minimum of 6 participants. If you wish to take part, simply click the 'Join' button in the 'New Projects' section. Our community manager will contact you as soon as the group is ready.
Participate in a personalised learning journey
Once the group is formed, our mentors design a personalized learning journey that matches your needs. They curate materials and customize the experience to address the group's specific requests.
  • 6- 12 people
    Working in a small team environment allows you to develop essential soft skills such as active listening and expressing your opinions effectively.
  • From B1+ level
    Participants in the project are placed in groups based on their conversational level (such as B1, B2, C1). This ensures a focused learning experience. Stay tuned for upcoming projects designed for other proficiency levels.
  • Up to 6 sessions per challenge
    Participate in project sessions to fully immerse yourself in the chosen topic and achieve the mission. Gain practical skills that are directly applicable to real-life situations.
  • Mentor feedback and support
    While you take charge of your project, our mentors are there to guide you through the process. They provide support in identifying needs, creating work plans, offering reminders, and more. Our experienced English teachers will not only provide language feedback but also offer personalized recommendations to enhance your learning experience.
Spica Club
Experience one-time discussions customized to your interests. Each session provides an opportunity to improve your communication skills and effortlessly activate your language abilities
  • Interesting discussion and functional language
    Our discussions are casual and relaxed, like chatting about current events over coffee with friends.
  • Personalized feedback for every participant
    Receive personalized feedback on your progress for a more effective learning experience. Each session is led by professional educators
  • Unique methodology
    Our unique methodology and learner-centred approach make learning effortless and fun.
  • It's easy to start!
    Select the theme that interests you, join us, and start practicing. Every week, we offer a variety of topics for you to choose from.
Our offers
The meetings time is indicated according to Paris time.
You can suggest your own challenge
Learn to give feedback at work, update your linkedIn page, develop personal branding strategy, learn storytelling, writing emails, journaling, and any other topic that you’re interest in.
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